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Andrew 07-17-2002 22:21

Useful reference sites
First off i'm going to say feel free to add anything useful you come across, as i know there's loads of things i've missed :)

So here's the list, stuff will be added as i find it:

Web Design (Graphics & Coding)
>> Graphics (for Adobe Photoshop)

>> Webpage Coding

Software Development
>> C++

>> Visual Basic (VB)

>> OpenGL

>> DirectX

Kennung Eins 08-12-2002 12:20

>> general programming

>> Delphi programming (the very best source for code snippets)

Holocron 09-27-2002 18:31

>> Data Structures and Algorithms

- The basics of programming in C
- Write, debug and run simple programs in C
- Have some simple understanding of object-oriented design
- Complete with animations

>> Linux Shell Scripting
- Quick Introduction to Linux
- Linux Shell basics
- Getting started with Shell Programming
- Shells (bash) structured Language Constructs
- More Advanced Shell Script Commands

>> ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Source Code and Java Code
- Reference for object-oriented analysis, design, and programming for ATMs.
- Behavioral and Architectural Modeling

PS - don't confuse with Asynchronous Transfer Mode.

>> Everything that has to do with GAMES and PROGRAMMING
- Game Design(charcter design, story development, etc.)
- Game Industry(companies, humor, interviews, etc.)
- Music & Sound(composition, creating special effects, sound/music clips, etc.)
- Programming(artificial intelligence, directX, openGL, software engineering, special effects, glide, etc.)
- Visual Arts(2D sprites/3D graphics modeling, animation techniques, art/3d model collections, texturing, skinning, etc.)

>> Programming Languages
- Perl
- C
- C++
- Java
- Java Script
- OpenGL
- Python
- Assembly
- Other (Learn ActiveX, HTML, XML, XSL, Systems Programming, Network Programming, 3D Programming using QuickDraw, Fortran, Eiffel, Concurrent Programming in Erlang, COBRA, and LOTS MORE!)

Yes, ALL of these in just one page:

>> Web Progamming
- JavaScript Library
- HTML Cheatsheet
- Special Characters
- Color Codes
- Browser Charts
- Stylesheets Guide
- Unix guide

>> General Graphics, 3D/Game Programming Links
- Artificial intelligence in Games
- Computer graphics
- Video games programming (C++ 3D engines, etc.)
- Direct X / OpenGL
- Console programming/hardware information (PS2/Xbox vs. PC)
- Computer animation
- some Source Codes
- 3D Studio Max and Maya
- and Lots More!

KFleshman 12-16-2002 14:53 - The ultimate reference guide to programming in Windows :D

Jhetski 01-10-2004 16:55

what does game developers use? e.g., neverwinter nights, warcraft engine..... :)

heffeque 02-26-2004 16:57

a friend of mine did a video game with something called "mugen", but it's StreetFighter tipe. Realy good looking though to be a home made video game.

His web is

A picture:

The eDonkey / eMule elink:

ed2k://|file||78013404|4BFE9626E1763FA1D1C1716FA 10D0CC8|/

gigabyte 04-06-2004 00:44

Excellant java scripts site cant find better then that one

compgeek 04-23-2004 20:49

ppl interested in direct x programming in visual basic 6 visit the site
for game dev
for API programming

thomasggiusepe 05-03-2004 05:51

Top reference site on 3D nanorobot simulation:

Very interesting link.

young2k4 08-10-2004 15:49
there a few that i have found realli gd :D

Animatrix 08-28-2004 03:05




Free Programming Resources.

Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

Building Firefox Using Free Tools


Win32 + Assembler Source Page

HLA (High Level Assembly) (Randall Hyde)

The Art of Assembly Language Programming (Randall Hyde)


dzutrinh 04-08-2005 08:10

General programming:

OpenGL & DirectX:

Sound & Music:
------------------- (FMOD) (BASS)

Demos & Intros:

Visual Studio.NET 2005 BETA:

And alot more...

deathvirus 05-01-2005 19:41

C++ reference site

Funkgab 08-18-2005 05:16

Jkhan 10-06-2005 14:24

can someone kindly post a link concerning detailed info about using HTML and also which software is the best to work on HTML ???

I was thinking of using notepad, but it's a bit difficult to use so any ideas ??

NxCPU 02-04-2006 19:50

C/C++ Programming with the Win32 API or MFC in English, Arabic, Italian = "Free Visual C++ Command Line Tools"

BuMp 03-16-2006 09:47

For VB6

zietleben 03-17-2006 19:56 -programming all diff languages VIDEO TUTORIALS - all types

death__machine 02-08-2008 20:00

Okay I see tutorials on the codes for programming and stuff, now can anyone give me a tutorial to MEMORIZE them :P

Andrew 06-12-2008 14:47


Originally Posted by death__machine (Post 2595444)
Okay I see tutorials on the codes for programming and stuff, now can anyone give me a tutorial to MEMORIZE them :P

lol, unfortunately not.
I suppose this list is due for an update...

horse 06-25-2008 13:30

Web application security (helped me with an earlier question posted in this forum)

Country names and ISO standard codes for the world (HTML, XML, TEXT)

Useful when handling registration forms etc.

PHP coding links - decent tutorials on OOP, databases etc

Will add more later, this could be a decent resource if we get links together

Roger_D25 11-05-2008 16:31

First of all thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread because its very informative to say the least! With that said I'm a newbie when it comes to programing of any language even though I recenlty passed my "Intro To Programming" class in college (programming in "C"), unfortunately programing using the "C" language isn't very helpful for what I'm trying to do!

Basically I'm a huge fan of an old computer game called "Tony Hawk Underground 2", its a crappy older skateboard game but I love playing it! The only problem is that you can't run any resolution above 1280 x 1024 (and there are no available widescreen resolutions available either). I've spent lots of time viewing every folder and file within the games directory looking for a "Config" file or anything relating to it with no luck.

What I have found is hundreds of files with .VB suffixes which leads me to beleive the game is programmed using something called "Visual Basic" which I think is designed by Microsoft? In anycase does anyone know of any programs that will allow me to view and edit these xxxx.VB files (again keep in mind I'm a newbie when it comes to this stuff so I might have this all wrong)?

It was very easy to find free compilers for "C" programing but this has not been the case for Visual Basic. The only thing I have found is Microsofts Visual Basic which is not a cheap program to buy (and I can't find any free downloads). Of course if I'm able to find something that works it doesn't mean I'll have any idea what to do but at least its a start and it will be fun to learn more about it.

I have a feeling that nobody here at Guru3D reads the "Programming" threads since there is only 2 threads in this section but I thought it was worth a shot. Thanks for all your help in advance guys, even if you can't help specifically wiht my questions!

Ice Cube 06-20-2012 15:37

If you want to learn the most basic parts of HTML, go to

BABA-The Hacker 12-11-2012 19:48

a try....
any Dev has its own "methodology"'.....anyhow...

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