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Default 11-11-2016, 06:33 | posts: 19 | Location: Toronto

Originally Posted by quickkill2021 View Post
I believe 3d failed for the following reasons.

1. Tech came out too early.

Until recently, we have PC hardware that can actually drive two 1080p images at 60 fps per eye. Back when Tomb Raider came out, there was no way you could play that in 3d and enjoy it. The game was too demanding even on SLI systems.

2. You need a dedicated 3d monitor, Uses TN panel which is horrible for viewing angles.

The price is too expensive when it came out. You had to invest in the 3d ecosystem. Also when you invested you really couldn't enjoy the games at the time 3d came out due to being too demanding to run.

For games, 3d is in a sad place now. I think 3d is more valuable option now than VR is. We have the hardware now that can push most games.

As for movies, you have that whole active vs passive 3d debate. You need to buy glasses and the glasses need batteries for active. Passive has had horrible image quality, due to the resolution being cut in half.

Its not till this month that an actual good 3d tv with 4k passive LG oled flat display came out. 4k passive plus 3d is an amazing option and fixes most of the issues that 3d has been plagued with. Fixes the battery issue as well as the artifact issue and keeps a high resolution.

my two cents
Yes, either we need a dedicated monitor or something extra gears like 3 D glass to make it running. This is not always possible. Also the price of such gears is pretty high enough to accommodate
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Default 11-16-2016, 11:41 | posts: 1,256 | Location: Northcoast of Germany

I'm still waiting until i can Play games in a VR helmet with 1440p @ 60Hz. Until then, no Money from me. I surely wont buy Hardware first and then hope/wait until the games catch up.

Game companies cant even get normal Versions out without issues at release, how did anyone really think they could bring the extra effort for a 3D Version?
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Default 12-11-2016, 04:49 | posts: 7,565 | Location: USA

it failed for same reason it failed 20 years ago. it still needs those "glasses" and it still gives headaches
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Barry J
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Default 12-11-2016, 07:30 | posts: 2,576 | Location: Ipswich UK

As long as it fails slowly I will be happy just ordered a few more 3D movies. With a good setup 3D works very well. I have a 40in 3D TV for gaming and a 3D short throw projector for movies which gives a much better 3D experience than the cinema.

I wish 3D movies had to display on the box 3D added or Filmed in 3D though I have noticed they are getting better at adding 3D effects
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Default 12-11-2016, 09:32 | posts: 1,162

3D gaming didn't fail. All games nowadays are 3D. Sure, 2D platformers are fun too, but big games are always 3D.
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Default 12-16-2016, 09:44 | posts: 420 | Location: CZ

I guess this applies to the era of 3D TVs, but is valid even for today 3D/VR systems.

1. Discomfort, headaches, tech not mature enough, gaming on 3DTV for prolonged time causes a lot of stress on eyes and brain.
2. Postprocess 3D (depth buffer sampled 3D) is not good enough, causing artifacts and 3D immersion is kinda fake, was used in few games like GOW, SH : Downpour etc.
3. Full 3D with 2 separate scene renders, requires up-to 2x GPU performance and a bit more smart scene preparation to avoid 2x CPU cost. Almost not used in AAA titles, not worth it.

So overall ppl realized it's not worth it. Honestly I'm skeptical even about modern stereo/VR gaming. There has been so many attempts for stereo/VR during my life and all of them failed. Current Rift,Vive attempts are much better as tech is more mature, but the core problems I mentioned are still present.

Now I'll say something which might sound bad on this forum, but it's 100% legit: The VR tech which will survive is the one which will be widely supported by porn industry.
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Default 04-13-2017, 18:32 | posts: 20 | Location: Sacramento

I got into 3d because of my gsync monitor oddly enough. I always wanted to try 3d vision, but it was so expensive in the past to have the right hardware to run it smoothly. It's absolutely amazing in certain titles. I dont liek it much for games that require precision aiming like first or third person shooting. For diablo 3 and platformers it is outstanding. It's also great for games where you do melee style combat
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Default 04-13-2017, 19:40 | posts: 420 | Location: CZ

Originally Posted by tyguy View Post
It's absolutely amazing in certain titles. I dont liek it much for games that require precision aiming like first or third person shooting.
Just out of curiosity, why don't you like it in 1st person shooters?
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Default 04-15-2017, 23:59 | posts: 6,597 | Location: Belgium

I can somehow imagine controlling a FPS with a mouse and keyboard in a virtual environment being... woah.

I recon shooter's can work fine in virtual reality, but not with our current control scheme.
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